Intelligence reports

With a fast-moving response to COVID-19, real-time intelligence for services about the issues the public are facing is valuable.
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It is also important that health and social care services understand the impact these changes are having more broadly – especially when they concern people’s safety or will have implications once services begin the return to normal.

For Healthwatch, the outbreak has resulted in significant changes to our work, with much of our planned public engagement and visits to services paused and a greater focus on providing advice to the public (especially hard to reach groups) and supporting the local response to COVID-19. However, this does not mean that the work of Healthwatch to understand the experiences of the public has stopped.


Healthwatch Isle of Wight Intelligence report - Apr-May 2021
Healthwatch Isle of Wight intelligence report - 16th-30th April 2020
Healthwatch Isle of Wight intelligence report - March-April 2020
Hampshire Isle of Wight Covid insight report

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