Communication Report: For people with a hearing loss 2014

The difficulties in communicating with health and social care professionals was identified as an issue on the Isle of Wight in 2013.
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This report highlights that communication issues for deaf and hard of hearing residents vary with some people reporting few problems, while others, notably those that are profoundly deaf, report incredible difficulties.

Key findings

  • This research highlighted that people felt the onus is on them to remind professionals that they are deaf.
  • The increasing use of online booking systems for appointments and electronic check-ins are seen as positive moves by many of the Islands deaf residents that are able to use a computer. However, some older people were fearful that this would mean they would no longer be able to use the telephone system.
  • The majority of people were not aware of the 999 text service. Whilst Island Support Services who support many profoundly deaf people had notified the Hub of all their service users, this still meant people could not call independently. Other areas of the country have implemented 999 text relay for many years and it is embedded in their systems. Healthwatch Isle of Wight have been told that the facility for this system is available to the Hub but is not yet being used.



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Communication Report: For people with a hearing loss 2014

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