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This visit was arranged as part of an ongoing mental health work plan. The visit was designed to look at experiences of people who spend time as inpatients on local mental health wards either voluntarily or under sections of the Mental Health Act.
GP consulting with a patient


The focus areas of the visit were as follows:

  • Environment
  • Activities
  • Staff interaction
  • General observations
  • CQC Concerns;

Key findings

  • A visitor to the ward felt that the care given to patients on the ward was very good although the environment was described as “serving a purpose”.
  • Shackleton Ward is situated on the first floor of the hospital, with very limited access to the garden area.
  • Toilet, bathroom and bedroom doors were all locked, with patients having to ask staff if they wanted to use the bathroom or enter their bedroom during the day. (We were informed that patients can easily open the bedroom door from the inside).
  • The ward has a low level of occupational therapy and physiotherapy support and this is not provided on a structured basis.



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Shackleton Ward Enter and View Report